Smooth Jazz backing track, E Minor Produced by Jeff Carruthers Jeff Carruthers: guitars, keys, drum programing Roberto Valley: bass Dave Hopper: live drums Hans Zermeuhlen: Rhodes Ronnie Guittierez: percussion

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10 Responses to “Smooth Jazz backing track, E Minor”

  1. ericgtr says:

    I probably spent a couple of hours jamming to this over the last few days, what a great track.

  2. little bit of penatonic a little bit of locrian and smidge lydian try that smooth shreddin!

  3. caseymusic says:

    Sounds a lot like something Bobby Caldwell would’ve done. NIce.

  4. PhillyA25 says:

    Great track, very nice feel to it. Can play any instrument along with this one! I used my bass for fills and my guitar to play a soothing lead.

  5. bonuzround says:

    I can listen to this track for hours but i keep picturing Terry Crews in a Soul Glo commercial.

  6. My work day is slipping away from me, I cant put down this guitar…

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