Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and inka one

Hear Paul Dateh's new single "One for James" – youtu.be Get this MP3 for free – pauldateh.com Subscribe for more! [Paul Dateh on violin with inka one on turntables.] violin – pauldateh.com & http dj – www.facebook.com Tracks covered: – A Tribe Called Quest: Check the Rhime – Jurassic 5: Canta de Ossanha – Ghostface Killah: Chercez la Ghost – The Roots: The Next Movement – Gnarls Barkley: Crazy – Johnny Pate: Shaft in Africa

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9 Responses to “Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and inka one”

  1. Tim Gadient says:

    dope sound guys…really powerful

  2. a lil old but i still drop in to jam out… hella diggin this skit

  3. ioilaria says:

    sei fantastico…….. :) bravissimo

  4. wow you are amazing!!!! the tune is so catchy

  5. i just love the violin as an instrument, the sound of it♥

  6. patchsonic says:

    Latine Flavor? How so? Sounds more like American Hip-Hop.

  7. Wow this shit is real, i like it! Nice work, very nice indeed

  8. Cool!!!Check my channel for some hip hop violin too!

  9. BUDA511 says:

    I’m a straight man

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