Ron Carter – Jazz sous les Pommiers 2011

RON CARTER – bass MULGREW MILLER – piano BOBBY BROOM – guitar Tracks: 1. Cedar Tree 2. Parade 3. The Golden Striker

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13 Responses to “Ron Carter – Jazz sous les Pommiers 2011”

  1. StarKoch98 says:

    thats the reason why i smoke dope *____*

  2. Ron Carter le Maître, quelle classe !

  3. dr05guitar says:

    wow..very nice

  4. i wish tony williams were still around…….. and in this group. 

  5. LingtbJ says:

    Just imagine it’s Tony Williams, Ron Carter and Herbie Hancock playing together……speechless

  6. carloscs5 says:

    i saw Mulgrew Miller at the Rose Hall a few years ago.  Amazing Pianist.

  7. SebaRios86 says:

    There are records of them you know …
    With the Miles Davis quintet

  8. It´s an amazing sound!, without drums, wooowww!. It´s very dificult to get this sound and feel like them.

  9. lanerant says:

    Bobby’s like: “hey self, look up at ass getting kicked by the master elder statesmen of the form of music i love and pursue, shit not thine own self!”

  10. Wonderful, Ron the bass man. Fantastic your music.

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