Nirvana LIVE Castle Theatre, Rome, Nov 19th 1991.

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11 Responses to “Nirvana LIVE Castle Theatre, Rome, Nov 19th 1991.”

  1. Your debating with a guy from Washington…just saying. That’s kind of like being white and middle class and having a debate with a twenty year veteran crip about street knowledge. haha, sorry, just saying.

  2. TwistedJayy says:

    I wouldn’t consider them Metal, but nor would I consider them Grunge. I’d like to think Tad, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, etc… Had all something in common in this area. All totally different genres, but all these awesome bands all had something.

  3. Fox Mulder says:

    Soundgarden has a full on classic metal thing going on. AIC is kinda goth/metal, Nirvana is artsy rock/rock like The Pixies meets back in black era ac/dc with a punk twist. Pearl Jam is like Zepplin with a REM twist. It funny, save for Heart and Jimi which are rock, none of the bands form WA can just be given one title. My fave is a band from my home town Bellingham called Black Breath. they have so many influence all the teenys are debating what to callem. Theyre a hardcore/thrash/satanic band

  4. amigos que gostao da banda nirvana veja no youtubo a banda belina 7nove a sua musica tem o mesmo estilo da banda nirvana.

  5. TwistedJayy says:

    Very, very true friend.

  6. Grant Hill says:

    Nice to know I was born on a day where something truly fucking mental happened. RIP Kurt mate.

  7. deoss69 says:

    its not a debate hes pissed off that his town got names for a fad that happened apparently every ware but there

  8. From what I’m reading, he doesn’t seem pissed off, he s just stating a fact.

  9. RomeoYouMust says:

    Well man, actually there is kinda some difference between grunge and rock or metal. What I have seen is that grunge songs follow a more basic pattern, specially in Nirvana. It’s like a basic riff that dominates the whole song with some details. It is fucking awesome. In rock and metal you have kind of a different distribution of the chords and have more chords. That’s what I think, I am not an expert in music or anything, I just like it and have seen that grunge is more simple than rock.

  10. Fox Mulder says:

    Listen to Tad(simple dark heavy)tell me it sounds anything like Alice in Chains(metal meets goth)Or compair Nirvana(punk inspired riff oriented hard rock meets the pixies and posies)to Pearl Jam(moody hippie music-punk-college rock) Soundgarden(extreamly dark classic rock-Sabb Zep Budgie 70s Rush) Screeming Trees who are just hippies or The Melvins(Kiss AC/DC meets goth and post punk and punk)only thing similar is a distatse for popular music in 89 like motley crue, Winger. Grunge never existed

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