“Team” – Lorde – Macy Kate Cover

"Team" – Lorde – Macy Kate Cover

Grab it here on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/team-single/id814632396 Check out the Songwriter Project at http://bit.ly/SongwriterProject_KHS It'…

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17 Responses to ““Team” – Lorde – Macy Kate Cover”

  1. Can you make these songs available on Google Play too? Maybe make a Kurt
    Hugo Schneider app for all platforms with all these amazing artists! 

  2. Brit Stormy says:

    It is OK (seems a bit auto-tuned), but the more I watch all these covers of
    this song, the more I realize that Lorde is a truly unique singer. No other
    voices can really “fit” into singing this song with the same haunting
    feeling & sound. It’s kind of like hearing people cover Lana Del Ray, etc.
    too. Those artists are the only ones that seem to be able to make the songs
    they sing feel & sound very authentic to the lyrics.

  3. can somebody tell me the name of the song at the end when kurt is talking?

  4. The start is like ,,oh, so drama, much emotion,very sad” but the rest is

  5. Too edited and too much effects, need a real cover with just voice where
    are all those gone nowadays

  6. Tamana Kaur says:

    WOW. I LIKED IT. And that is despite liking the original song. While
    listening to the original, there were many words I did not catch but in
    this version, I actually understood the lyrics to a far greater extent.
    Thanks for making this video guys! :) 

  7. Ruth Maycock says:

    Oh my god…. Love it!!!!

  8. Irate Wasp says:

    Meh, It’s a nice cover I suppose. 

  9. Marina Lin says:

    check out my cover of this song on my channel! promise you won’t regret it :) 

  10. 0masuk0 says:

    this is the first bad cover by Kurt I’ve seen

  11. Dimedichi says:

    lorde sucks, pls dont cover this

  12. I’m presuming you have to be American to be a member of the Songwriter
    Project. My post code is invalid.

  13. squishy says:

    I loveeeeeeed this cover and the song but the thing is that, it’s just
    another voice! I loved everything Kurt did but the voice kind of ruined
    it… With songs like this, you have to have a certain kind of voice to
    make it sound right. Don’t get me wrong she is an AWESOME singer, but just
    not for this song. :) ))))

  14. Dion Abijay says:

    maybe Lorde’s voice is too perfect, that you cant even appreciate those
    people who try to cover her songs.

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