Kimbra – “The Build Up” (Portrait by Vincent Fantauzzo for Archibald 2012)

Kimbra – "The Build Up" (Portrait by Vincent Fantauzzo for Archibald 2012)

Incredibly talented Melbourne artist Vincent Fantauzzo has painted me for this year's Archibald, you can see the amazing portrait he did as well as the accom…

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19 Responses to “Kimbra – “The Build Up” (Portrait by Vincent Fantauzzo for Archibald 2012)”

  1. *uuummmmm… what just happened?*

  2. The first 10 seconds of this are pretty cool (watch in 1080p)

  3. *Kimbra’s voice is so smooth, you could spread it on a cracker.*

    *”I need a map but not the destination”*

  4. Farhan Jimmo says:

    I need the time to keep roll

  5. Did you know: Vincent Fantauzzo’s portrait of singer-songwriter Kimbra is
    the first Archibald finalist to include a square QR code? When scanned with
    a smart phone it connects viewers to a video clip of Kimbra’s song ‘The
    build up’ specially created for the painting. If you don’t have a QR code
    reader, don’t worry! You can view the video clip on YouTube:

  6. rex2654 says:

    I love the way she dresses and presents her self in all her music and that
    voice, what a voice, it qustions the very fibers of the humanity and all it
    stands for. YOUR AMAZING KIMBRA

  7. a friend showed me this. and I have no idea what Kimbra is saying, lol. I
    like the portrait though.

  8. NuOrder11 says:

    ….couldn’t agree more…….well said!

  9. becky says:

    You use your eyes to judge, not your ears, give listening a try and
    understanding, then maybe you’ll know why she is different in a good way.

  10. VISO Music says:

    Kimbra’s latest music video accompanies a painting by Melbourne artist
    Vincent Fantauzzo, who won 2012′s Archibauld Prize.

    #art #music 

  11. have you even bothered to look up the lyrics?

  12. All woman are beautiful. judging her for her body shape is just as bad as
    the pricks judging woman for not being their standard of beauty. you are
    not the final say in that and neither is anyone else. 

  13. muse7690 says:

    To that person who says there needs to be more real women, I don’t
    understand what that means. Instead being ambiguous, please be more
    specific describing what a REAL woman is. Like what the person said, we are
    all in titled to our opinions. Though, all women are great the way they
    were born. I don’t believe in words such as beautiful, pretty, gorgeous.
    Many misconceptions are birthed from those misleading words. Suggest using,
    words to describe personality instead. (i.e, he has a great PERSONALITY. My
    point of this rant is, less obsessing on the image of our bodies and thrive
    to be a better person, not perfect. We all make mistakes and call out other
    people and spreading this hate. The more hate one person sends, it will
    spread and come back to bite you in the arse. 

  14. James Morgan says:

    +2bluevalentine “Lets see some women who look like real women for a
    change.” — You mean ugly and plain, like you?

  15. Seth Nix says:

    KImbra is like…the Creator looked out upon the wasted world and grew
    saddened at what It saw. So It gave unto the world a being of pure
    transcended beauty, both to the senses and the soul. That being was Kimbra

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