305 – Approaching Nirvana

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13 Responses to “305 – Approaching Nirvana”

  1. Niels Lute says:

    well said :P Im Dutch too

  2. Niels Lute says:

    Read the description ;P

  3. elias kim says:

    Lol I know I was just playin around lol and btw I was playing about dat spelling up there

  4. Niels Lute says:

    Looking for attention? =P

  5. elias kim says:

    nah just bored well kinda =P if I were to scale A>N from 1 – 10 it would be 1000000,000000,000000,0000

  6. Joschi leon says:

    Nice!!! This music … wow!!! :D

  7. Niels Lute says:

    i think it would be ∞

  8. Dude, you’re screwed. Just be happy they don’t find you everywhere.

  9. Click ”Show the comment” for a adventure!

  10. GoldenAce17 says:

    is this some kind of curse?

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