The Cult – Nirvana – BBC Broadcast 1987

In Concert – Brixton Academy 1987

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8 Responses to “The Cult – Nirvana – BBC Broadcast 1987”

  1. neilus says:

    the Cult, innovators? well i guess if you consider regurgitating every tired old rock cliche to be innovation…Pixies on the other hand dont deserve to me mentioned on the same planet as these guys, they were truly original and had a huge and lasting impact…sort it out mate

  2. cheeznchips says:

    thats how to open a concert, the best cult line up ever, astbury, duffy, stewart, n warner = legends!!

  3. Amazin Rock Roll 80′ & 90′ – Iam fan since 80 – Brazil.

  4. tektronix475 says:

    no tenes uno del polaco goyeneche?

  5. Pixies are for little girls. You probably go to wine tastings and talk about your pallet and eat special cheeses and develop software

  6. EdwoodCA says:

    Love the Cult! Check out the “Peace” album that was scrapped… it’s the Electric album but in the Love style. So, you get Love Ian singing the Electric Ian. Great stuff. [It’s also called the Manor Sessions.

  7. Wes Lopez says:

    yeah love live was awesome I real like the new lastest album also check it out

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