The four tops – Baby i need your loving

1964 Album: Four tops

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16 Responses to “The four tops – Baby i need your loving”

  1. LEOPARDTWO says:

    God created the Four Tops. Five stars.

  2. colliedays says:

    no words can describe the loss of Levi Stubbs – love this song so much! love the Four Tops so much!

  3. 9722jrusso says:

    If there is a song that could be called “Orgas-matron”, then this is it. Killer music.

  4. lena mc says:

    i love this song reminds me of CEE on bronx tale

  5. some songs were just meant to be longer…

  6. tmjcub19 says:

    im 12 and me and my cuzins still bump this song

  7. MrLARodger says:

    Yes Datmane9, This music is timeless. Your Pop knows what he is talking about. I am 61 and at the time, back in the 60′s, this was the music of the day. EVERYONE loved iti, and I’m sure they still do. I feel so blessed that I was live during this time and am still here to talk about it even now! :) Long live the Motown sound and all those wonderful and so talented artists who gave us so many memories.

  8. guy gonzalez says:

    Four Tops, Temps still going, thank god I lived these times, and whoever lived in this era too. You Know who you are. The best music in the history of all time was Motown!! Hands down!! If you don’t like this song you shouldn’t be here

  9. A great day for Motown; for on this day in 1964 {August 15th} the Four Tops entered Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart for the first time…
    The record was “Baby I Need Your Loving”; it peaked at #11 and spent 12 weeks on the Top 100
    Three covered versions have charted; Johnny Rivers {#3 in 1967}, O.C. Smith {#52 in 1970}, and Eric Carmen {#62 in 1979}
    In the United Kingdom; a group named The Fourmost covered it; their version reached #24 in 1964 in the UK Singles chart
    RIP Levi, Obie, and Lawrence

  10. LadieMermaid says:

    lucky i wish i was born in this era

  11. BloodNote says:

    At 25 years old I love this type of music. I’m grateful to have been raised by my grandmother. If it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t listen to sensible music even now.

  12. newanth says:

    Me too. 27, def born in the wrong era!!

  13. simon child says:

    I was brought up on this music as my older sister was a Mod in the late sixties. I went on to be a teenager in the seventies. There was nothing to compare to this in the charts at the time so I turned to Wigan Casino for my weekly fix. Thirty odd years on and I am stil listening to Motown and Northern Soul – what a legacy!!!!

  14. Nagneto says:

    Dude that era sucked for anyone who wasn’t a rich white guy, hell all these Motown artists didn’t get paid a cent in royalties from Motown records due to the racism of the period.

  15. Mike McNally says:

    3 people…need no loving lol

  16. 0311Hawaiian says:

    51-years old, brew-up on this, Memories…brings back wonderful memories….

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