SYTYCD – Melissa & Ade – Adult Contemporary Dance Powerful

SYTYCD – Melissa & Ade – Adult Contemporary Dance Powerful

Yin and Yang Balance: Once in awhile, we get to witness something powerful that anyone can appreciate in the form of dance that truly creates "Poetry in Motion". Absolutely Powerful. If you can't appreciate this, you don't have a heart – Moving and Touching.

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13 Responses to “SYTYCD – Melissa & Ade – Adult Contemporary Dance Powerful”

  1. im crying i cant believe how much i was moved it was simply butiful beautiful
    i have now a bigger heart for people with cancer <3

  2. the british version had way more heart to it,,, this is amazing but england did it better…

  3. Ah completely disagree! This original was beautiful… and despite being British myself, felt the brits version fell flat!

  4. amazing, on a vid with so much substance and meaning people still want to play whose version is better. makes me sick.

  5. dcracing1 says:

    Aww, come on?! It looks like friendly competition, but you’re right.
    Comparing art is ridiculous – good on its own in its own way

  6. well, yea the competition part is what it is i’m just tired of hearing the brits version is better then the us yada yada theres phenomenal dances all over the world, without these shows we may never see them, i’m just happy they are airing and picking up internationally i think its wonderful, but yea the comparing is getting old, they can’t copy it exactly, then ppl would bitch about that lol

  7. dcracing1 says:

    Definitely. Don’t get me wrong, ppu cannot even say the brits are better, especially with this Beautifl Melissa. US version is always better than the brits just so you know… Of Course. “This ain’t no Olympics, but art in motion ” baby!! lol ;)
    Good stuff beautiful

  8. Okay, i appreciate its beauty and substance, and have credited its success in my comment, however i believe i am completely justified in stating that i preferred the British version, so please do not tell me i am playing “who’s version is better”, i am stating my own opinion. Thanks, bye.

  9. dcracing1 says:

    my next logical question is: Okay, what british version?!

  10. you can say bye all you want but i’m still here, you don’t appreciate shit you’re just another person who wants to argue over whose country did a better job, just like everybody and everything else, BYE!! lol

  11. dcracing1 says:

    LoL, ohhh I get it –
    Motley Crue, what have you got to say?
    … Yup, Girls, Girls … Girls! lol

  12. the version that the British did on sytycd in Britain…. slightly obvious you’d think…

  13. I believe that you started this ‘argument’ by deciding to tell me that my comment was somehow in-sighting hate, I simply prefer the dancing in the other version, and i feel the emotion is powerful and raw in the British version more so than the American, so do not tell me that somehow makes me unappreciative, i believe it would give me an opinion. So kindly, chill the fuck out. BYE :D DDDD

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