Sarah Brightman – Fleurs Du Mal (Live In Vienna 2008)

ALBUM: Symphony (2008) DVD: Symphony Live In Vienna (2008) GENRE: Operatic Pop / Adult Contemporary / Gothic / Symphonic Rock / Classical Crossover

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9 Responses to “Sarah Brightman – Fleurs Du Mal (Live In Vienna 2008)”

  1. errorinio says:


  2. Mespej0 says:

    lo mejor que he escuchado, estoy en otro tiempo cuando escucho esta cancion.eres una REYNA  SARAH

  3. Just one word comes to my mind: Perfection!

  4. 2011gosh says:

    i never thought i would need a perfume this much,it will help me to feel that he is really a man,i wont find anything down there but his smell will help a lot.

  5. jaewha lee says:

    Even in live she still has beautiful voice

  6. GEA1993 says:

    David Garrett + Sarah Brightman

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