Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise

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18 Responses to “Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise”

  1. Stay away from the trolls! Just a waste!

  2. Takisgr07 says:

    Do you Really believe that…hahahahahahahahaha

  3. This is the most ironic thing imaginable, your username is “Peace Keeper” and you are hailing Hitler?

  4. Dragos Petru says:

    No, the most ironic thing is to name a revolver Peacemaker.

  5. Aquila Aer says:

    If I become rich I want to help homeless people

  6. Aquila Aer says:

    how can you talk about erection when there is a serious song about homelessness

  7. Aquila Aer says:

    And, it is not an erection, is a shadow on a wall…
    You are like those men who don´t help the poor, which Phil Collins is singing to: “feels embarresed to be there”… He is singing to you, do you get it? But, we know what you are thinking when you listen this song and watch this video, as well as 82 others with your “like”. Do you have erection when you see homeless people?! I guess Phil Collins didn´t know there are men like this. Me neather

  8. Aquila Aer says:

    I didn´t say that to you. So, do you answer about him or about yourself, sir? 

  9. ang2323100 says:

    what happend to this kind of music and the humanitarian meaning behind them , now we are bombarded with violence in videos with no meaning

  10. Reel Big Fish did a faster ska cover. check it out.

  11. well ppl don’t talk or think about life anyone in their music! this is what happened! meaningful and powerful music left the scene! :)

  12. ..powerful song.. makes me cry to think still so many go hungry and with no home.. while the greedy and corrupt line up in record numbers for stuff on Black Friday.. of Phil’s best hits, classic..

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