What is Nirvana ?

Discourse by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh

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6 Responses to “What is Nirvana ?”

  1. tranquillize says:

    Great video. The idea that all views are wrong views is something most people have trouble understanding. Thich Nhat always articulates his points in a way that the listener can understand. Thanks :)

  2. kenny582 says:

    I agree with you fully. I’m an athiest. No one needs to have a religion in order to find peace.

  3. Ashitanoyuki says:

    That’s enlightenning.

    I have the same notion that right and wrong dont really exist. Right and wrong is depended on the perspective and perspectives are depended on the conditioning of individuals which is out of people’s control.

  4. Ashitanoyuki says:

    If I pull out a gun at you, that’s not an illusion. That’s what happened and that’s what you see. But the coming fear and anxiety and anger which follows after you see me pulling out a gun. That’s coming from perception. Coz you perceive me as evil and willing to shoot you. That’s perception.
    I might just wanna making a joke with you. But you perceive it as I want to kill you.

  5. ohwell121 says:

    dude…chill out

    This talk about Illusion is an intuition of something bigger than ourselves, there’s another pararell world, and if you can get your mind into the right position you can get high off that, in a good way =) hahha

  6. Thanx for posting this. Those of us blessed with ‘psychedelic’ experiences fully understand the nature of existence and it helps us to understand that the chaos apparently manifesting in this dimension is based on the illusion that we are separate, and an absence of ‘Spiritual Experience’. Youtube seems to attract more than its share of self-opinionated ‘experts’ whose minds are closed to anything but ‘materialism’.
    There is only infinite Love -even David Icke is an illusion!!(he knows this!)

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