A-ha – Train Of Thought

© 2010 WMG Train Of Thought

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14 Responses to “A-ha – Train Of Thought”

  1. morten is simply the best singer in the world, unfortunately the years 80/90 finished, there will never be another singer like him!

  2. 4dger says:

    My favourite song of theirs

  3. Yep! Lucky son of a bitch, he has great voice, talent, intelligence and good looks.
    He must have gotten so much pussy that is not even funny! I wish I had at least a hair like his!

  4. I didn’t know this video carried on from ‘The sun always shines on TV’.. I knew ‘The sun always shines on TV’ carried on from ‘Take On Me’ but i dodn’t know this carried on from that :P Thats really cool :D :D

  5. deroxat22 says:

    she was 13 no? same as me my brother;) im 34

  6. max2002520 says:

    넘 멎지다 최고 아하

  7. chilliman07 says:

    2:07 now THAT’S singing at it’s best!!!!

  8. omg luv this song!

  9. Thanks to this video, I sometimes feel like I have “Train Of Thought” moments. And they happen quite a bit.

  10. 2thebad says:

    I wonder why he stopped doing does small coughs…. I liked them

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