Fredo Santana Ft Chief Keef Lil Reese | My Lil Niggas [Official Video]

Shot by Elevator & Dgainz | @Elevator_ @Dgainzbeats |

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18 Responses to “Fredo Santana Ft Chief Keef Lil Reese | My Lil Niggas [Official Video]”

  1. amen. internet thugs are lame

  2. 11allen1 says:

    My lil niggas don’t play around

  3. sausage fest……….just sayin

  4. Justin Perry says:

    FREDO IN THE CUT ________________

  5. hows this song get almost 2million views? lol its trash but HEY they doin sumthin right

  6. Spittah813 says:

    This song cold af lil reese took off and who eva dont like this song fuck yall :)

  7. do these niggas steady share clothes or what

  8. Jesus9226 says:

    them niggas never have hoes in there videos

  9. DailyGio says:

    it would mean alot if you guys just checked out my channel . im not asking for a sub i would just love if you guys gave me a chance and scooped me out and gave me feedback. thank you im only 16 with a dream and trying to fill it.

  10. boogeyb52 says:

    Real chicago lil niggaz… Black disciples!!!!!!

  11. Damn! Get it MultiJmoney21! Speakin the truth! Lil Reese will jojo yo ass TheBadMoJoe!

  12. fhab525 says:

    niggas need to put dem guns down and just fight. u give a midget a gun he becomes the baddest on the block, shootin burners dont make u tough shit is so effortless, let me see these rappers throw hands for a change.

  13. whoislyrik says:

    NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER WHO I MEAN WHO is kind or bored enough to give a nigger nigga a listen, some likes, dislikes comments! anyone? plz plz

  14. i stubbed my toe once and it turned black and then i touched it with my spirit fingers now i can kick hoes all day!

  15. @fhab525 look at the world we live in.. who the fuck uses hands anymore.. thats why i keep a glock with me.. a nigga got a problem and tryna do something I’ll just blast his asz.. #RealTalk You can even kill a nigga in the hood and get away with it nowadays

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