Dru Hill – Never Make A Promise Lyrics Video

My First Lyrics Video and i did it for my favorite Group :D Hope You Enjoy!!! NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!

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11 Responses to “Dru Hill – Never Make A Promise Lyrics Video”

  1. FELE4THATO says:

    promise il naver hurt u,dam thats me,dru hill my fva

  2. caseyqu95 says:

    i love this song so much i sing this song everyday i wish i had a boyfriend too

  3. s7ven6zer0 says:

    I feel ya wish I had my Wife

  4. caseyqu95 says:

    ya iam tried being single all the guys i had used me in shit

  5. s7ven6zer0 says:

    Have patience when the time is right God will send your angel

  6. s7ven6zer0 says:

    you’re too young

  7. caseyqu95 says:

    who dis like this song the well never make a promis n life

  8. thanks for the video and lyrics. I thought it was cute the way you would capitalize and put exclamation points at certain parts of the song lyrics to go with how it was sung. Great job!

  9. What a amazing song! I love the way it was sung too!

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