Chief Keef featuring Soulja Boy – Foreign Cars ( Official Video Dir. by @WhoisHiDef )

Get an instant download of the new Chief Keef track "Love Sosa" when you pre-order Finally Rich on iTunes now – @ChiefKeef featuring @SouljaBoy – Foreign Cars Directed by @WhoisHiDef Shot by @WhoisHiDef / @ModelMediaGroup Intro by @BenHughesStudios Shout out to @TwinCityCeo

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11 Responses to “Chief Keef featuring Soulja Boy – Foreign Cars ( Official Video Dir. by @WhoisHiDef )”

  1. TheCreed042 says:

    i dont know whats worse than this song, soulja collaboration with lil b, or 9/11

  2. SolidBrew says:

    are these rappers or 10 year old boys?

  3. ExamsBrahh says:

    All of u that say he Sucks you are Fucking Stupid + you obviously don’t know what Trap Music is..

  4. xxxBmoneyxx says:

    How the fuck he beat Suppah Hot? this niggah cant rap, but im not about to be no hater though.

  5. Robert Colin says:

    i started to feel the vibe/music til soulja started to rap… i was like…. well … next video!!!

  6. Damn everybody wanna gang up on soulja because they like sosa and not him fagget ass niggas both went in so shut tf up

  7. I dont know why, but i like this song.

  8. MrUnicornism says:

    what the fuck is this bullshit…

  9. thisisconsi says:

    Man, how can people like this? Flow is whack as fuck and the lyrics are bullshit…dumb as idiots who like these dumbass/rich/retarded motherfucker! Fucking american folk, Intelligence is at the lowest limit!!

  10. Deiro123 says:

    Beat is a bomb haterz 8)))))))

  11. Jamie Burns says:

    wow i really expected more than this. the auto tune on sbte is off key and it sounds very amateur. the beat is OK.. but thats not enough to save face for that horrible representation of soulja auto tuned.

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