Download on iTunes! – Don't forget to Like, Fave, and Share on Facebook if you liked it! Thanks :) Download on Amazon! – Batman Gangster Rap, The Dark Knight music video a song inspired by all things Batman and Bruce Wayne Beat by Dave Harding Mixing & Mastering by Taylor Lipari Directed by Michael Schroeder Produced by TJ Smith ( & Brian Fisher Cinematography by Michael Schmidt STARRING: David Odom – Batman Nak3d Eli – Alfred Bree Essrig – Poison Ivy Rosanna Pansino – Harley Quinn Josh Mattingly – Bane Michael Davis – Voice of Bane Justine Gilroy-Jones – Catwoman Dodger – Voice of Catwoman Mary Emfinger – Lois Lane Brian Fisher – Joker http Ryan Tellez – Superman Joey Weinstein – Robin Michael Schroeder – Bruce Wayne's Music Producer Jirard Khalil – Insane Cocaine Dealer TJ Smith – Dirty Bearded Gangster Grace Ingland – Mansion Honey 1 Evea Elizabeth – Mansion Honey 2 Erin "Killer" Sievers – Mansion Honey 3 Editing by Michael Schroeder & Ryan Tellez VFX editing by Brian Fisher – The Warp Zone – FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MAIN CHANNEL:

Source: BATMAN RAP (EXPLICIT) (Youtube).



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8 Responses to “BATMAN RAP (EXPLICIT)”

  1. this is mother fuckin awesome

  2. mrKGBv2 says:

    Dude, I’m 21 and I’ve read all the batman comics from Bane, to Robin when he joined.
    I know, I was just saying what Bane was saying.

  3. 0:23 hot Harly Quinn

  4. swatteam93 says:

    geeze you must love the word motherfucker it was said 13 times in that song

  5. but it was better watch yourself this time or your back will be popping

  6. Ph0enixGam3r says:

    Relax I was just finding a reason for him to say that.

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