Nirvana – Dive

– Live

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14 Responses to “Nirvana – Dive”

  1. alione33 says:

    Kiss Me….. Kiss Me……. Yeah!!!!!!

  2. Miquel Perez says:

    When Chris and Dave are playing on the beginning, is that an improvisation or a song? what song?

  3. Carlos Meza says:

    Go fuck your mother bitch!

  4. Aerosmith- Sweet Emotion

  5. CzTyrael says:

    Well… You can find Hi-Flyer or Hi-Flier. But when i visited Univox offi. page I found Hi-Flier.My bad. Sorry :-)

  6. got raped by dubstep, smelled teen spirit, took a dive, now here i am…and i love it here

  7. Jan Jensen says:

    Chris the bandit,havde take Aerosmith sweet emotion r4 verse rift!! But love also nirvana.

  8. I’m making a band one day, I am drummer and I say GRUNGE WILL LIVE ON!

  9. manb4arpig says:

    aerosmith-sweet emotion

  10. DIVE into truth. Google “The Truth Contest”
    When you’re at the website, read ‘The Present’
    You’ll be sooooo glad you did!

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