Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)

Coldplay Live 2012, out now on DVD/CD/Blu-ray/digital. Get it from your local retailer at Music video by Coldplay performing …

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19 Responses to “Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)”

  1. MiningNewbMC says:–m sucks XD

  2. Hassan Selim says:

    actually it’s the other way round for me cause I’m subscribed to Coldplay
    but not sky, usually the flow of views go from high to low :P

  3. WeedOfficiel says:

    Paris the best city of the world ! ♥

  4. Yozero100 says:

    Can someone fix my replay button?

  5. Beautiful the song….:-)

  6. trickySK says:

    its so nice to see, people are having fun, forgetting their problems and
    release the emotions. coldplay should be renamed to emotionplay..

  7. fffeeenixxx says:

    Some bands and singers sound not quite right singing live but Coldplay are
    one of the few that sound even better!

  8. Cali Fornia says:

    Do you think he and Gwyneth are still in love? If not, I can make my move.

  9. Man o man this is live ?? Better than the original…Great crowed.. 

  10. damn those concerts look like a acid trip with a soundtrack to accompany

  11. Stef ProNooB says:

    awesome live song!!! but the lights of the bracelets were very dazy!!!

  12. Emmy Tammy says:

    Boy can he play the piano!!!

  13. Chi26trojans says:

    Their new Album better have a song as good as this one 

  14. Gilles ANDRE says:

    Where is my paradise?…

  15. I wanna be there so much.

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