Dan Hill: Love Of My Life

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18 Responses to “Dan Hill: Love Of My Life”

  1. chowky2007 says:

    i love this song,,, loml the words i usd to call you Mr. Ramon robles….

  2. TheDomenic15 says:

    this song was our first dance song

    love you with all my heart bella

  3. MegaLacy1 says:

    the words are amazing heartstringtugger kerchief plz

  4. hes a vegetarian and animal lover, he came to l.a. one time and donated thousands to help cows that escaped from a slaughterhouse.

  5. chem0608 says:

    I love dan hill, gogogo idol

  6. ckotcher1 says:

    Really!? I LOVE YOU DAN HILL!!!! I never really liked his songs but after hearing that? I love him!

  7. excuse me mam,in 16 years you didnt see each other?did you had kids mam? please reply mam because i have also my love of my life =)

  8. Channaelise says:

    i love DAH HILL!!! such a soulful and romantic voice…

  9. hay there yes 16 years it was its a very long story to tell about my husband n i. we were very young when we first knew each other then he went away to canada. we corresponded for sometime n we lost contact after a while anyways he returned for his dad’s funeral after 16 years and we saw each other again.honestly i cant find enough words to explain exactly how i felt when i saw him after so many years my heart melted we could nt help our selves from wanting to be with each other

  10. we talked and spend all our time together every moment we spent together were special and we knew our feelings were real.after spending 2 weeks he proposed to me truly in my heart i did not needed time to think i say ye to him and we were engaged.after 4 months he returned and we got married its is now 16 months since we are married and now im here in canada with my husband 2 months now and every moment with him is like pure majic he makes me so happy that i couldnt ask for anything more

  11. my husband means everything to me he has given me more than i wanted i adored him and im very thankful for the gift of having him in my life i truly am proud and happy to be his wife he is the love of my life my forever love. there is a saying THAT WHATS FOR U IS FOR U IT DOSE NOT MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES IF SOMEONE IS DESTINED FOR U THEY WILL COME ALONG. KEEPING THE FAITH N HOLDING ON TO WHAT U FEEL IN UR HEART IT WILL COME TRUE SOMEDAY I KNOW BECAUSE MINE DID no we dont ave any kids tract SOON

  12. Angel Elvis says:

    great song and video

  13. Kidanme64 says:

    You are the love of my life,my love!! I miss you so much,thank you for all the love that you give me.I will always love you!!Go rest and peace,but my love for you will always be there..,.love you my love!

  14. sarius24 says:

    Thé old man ruins the video with his presence

  15. sarius24 says:

    The guy and the girl are sexy as hell. Then the old man…..wtf

  16. Lavendel59 says:

    I love this song from Dan Hill. Thank you my dear mannes for sharing.Your Gabi!

  17. jerryman731 says:

    buenaza esta canción de Dan Hill, saludos desde Lima

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