Nirvana MTV Uplugged in New York full show

SORRY FOR THE the only way i found to pass the filters of youtube. I know the audio sucks.Sorry for that. Here are the songs of the unplugged. track list: 1)About A Girl 0 to 3:31 2)Come As You Are 3:31 to 7:37 3)Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 7:37 to 12:05 4)The Man Who Sold The World 12:05 to 16:18 5)Pennyroyal Tea 16:18 to 19:52 6)Dumb 19:52 to 22:39 7)Polly 22:39 to 25:50 8)On A Plain lyrics 25:50 to 29:28 9)Something In The Way 29:28 to 33:22 10)Plateau 33:22 to 36:53 11)Oh, Me 36:53 to 40:13 12)Lake Of Fire 40:13 to 43:03 13)All Apologies 43:03 to 47:18 14)Where Did You Sleep Last Night 47:18 to 52:20 RIP Kurt Cobain

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12 Responses to “Nirvana MTV Uplugged in New York full show”

  1. sifk2 says:

    Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Kurt cobain nirvana 4ever in m’y heart!!

  2. kevin fee says:

    Youtube is supposed to be a Video Recording, You re right the Audio Sucks But thank u anyway

  3. Es dificil conseguirlo pero es lo mejor que se ha escuchado a nivel mundial, bueno el que sepa quien fue kurt cobain,y si estuviera vivo imaginense.

  4. xxkring2xx says:

    the audio was sped up to pass the youtube filters

    you’re welcome

  5. Um dos melhores acústicos que já vi.Thank you!!!

  6. one of the best albums ever put on tape

  7. Jen Drummond says:

    Totally excellent wee bro smashed it accidently yrs ago!! Couldve smashed him 4it..but didnt!! :-)

  8. WAANIB says:

    If you have 3 minutes, check out our first song.
    We Are All Naked In The Bathroom – Fantasy
    Comments are very welcome

    Peace & Kiss

  9. alexbatty98 says:

    But i can see you every night.,.i do! Fantastic song!

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