Jazz Lives at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

Paul Carr Quintet – Live at the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, featuring Paul Carr on tenor, Terell Stafford on trumpet, Mulgrew Miller on piano, Michael Bowie on bass and Lewis Nash on drums. Please visit: www.midatlanticjazzfestival.org

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7 Responses to “Jazz Lives at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival”

  1. i knew it, those trumpet/sax licks sounded fimiliar

  2. i dig this. love these jazz cats too.

    nutty press video

  3. IcyEdiFIRE says:

    This is a cold jazz group – Love the sound!

  4. luksaxtenor says:

    Great old school jazz!!! I’m the fan of each and every note!!

  5. it’s hard to play because you’re learning a new language and like a language you have to learn the vocabulary, grammer, punctuation, pronounciation, phrases, slang, evolution of the language and who speaks it well so you can copy the accent.

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