Chicane – Going Deep (Official Music Video)

Download Chicane's 'Thousand Mile Stare' on iTunes now: Listen on Spotify: Download on Beatport: Get the CD on Deluxe Version: Deluxe Version Spotify: Also available on iTunes: 'Chicane – The Best Of Chicane 1996-2009': 'Chicane – Giants': Follow us: Never lacking the possibility to get you moving to a mix of styles and open minds to fusion, has ever been the key to Chicane's success. UK producer Nick Bracegirdle has been at the very top of EDM for more than 15 years, touching hearts with tracks like 'Saltwater', 'Offshore', 'Don't Give Up' and 'Poppiholla'. In 2012, the living legend bridges prog-trance and hip-hop, by inviting UK rapper Aggi Dukes for the new single 'Going Deep'. A real melting pot of styles, with an unforgettable music video on the side!

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13 Responses to “Chicane – Going Deep (Official Music Video)”

  1. Syndreamer says:

    Damn puppet gets more pussy than I do…fuck me

  2. DjXafel says:

    thumb sucking @ 0:55 ??? hahhaha

  3. Jatin Yadav says:

    this is a hip hop song gone wrong !! :D

  4. for me, epic fail of chicane.

  5. juanhegaaa says:

    EMINEM VIDEO???????????

  6. Manuel Mille says:

    2:33 girl….fap fap fap fap….

  7. Luis Ortega says:

    Those are HORRIBLE asses right there @0:42

  8. Carlos O.P says:

    Came here to say that

  9. This song is awesome… move on you dont like it :<

  10. MegaBaqra says:

    the softoy is more cuter than the real person XD Nasty Shit!!

  11. ruslan1801 says:

    im tired of TiDys introducion

  12. ruslan1801 says:

    Dislike video.Like the girls :D 

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