TI – Ball ft. Lil Wayne [Official Music Video]

Buy "Ball" ft. Lil Wayne single on iTunes: smarturl.it New Album "Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head" available December 18th! trapmuzik.com http twitter.com © 2012 WMG.

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19 Responses to “TI – Ball ft. Lil Wayne [Official Music Video]”

  1. JTITTY3000 says:

    Lil Wayne look like Invader Zim with those glasses lmao

  2. I was about to say the same thing! This reminds me of Cash Money/No Limit! Late 90′s - Early 00′s. I Did And Will Always Love Bounce Music!

  3. ricustyvon says:

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  4. JoshTh2 says:

    this shit goes so hard

  5. Tablo0213 says:

    beat could be better, really it’s kinda boring with that sample and not much going on

  6. it doesn’t get any cooler than this

  7. Aki bobi says:

    this white bitch at 0:18 … <3

  8. Azou heal says:

    Great one best one!!!! u killl my lord…

  9. Over two and half million views looks amazing…..I am damn sure most of them went from AUTHENTICVIEWS.C@M

  10. navax nan says:

    This beat hot everyone can get popular by going to
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  11. Lil Wayne is the best rapper out there!

  12. T.I. better than Wayne.

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  14. Mel Rivers says:

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  15. Al S says:

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