Purity Ring – “Lofticries” (Official Music Video)

Purity Ring – "Lofticries" (Official Music Video)

A series of characters encounter surreal moments. Directed by AG Rojas Shrines available via itunes: bit.ly —— SUBSCRIBE to Pitchfork.tv: bit.ly —— Follow Pitchfork.tv on Twitter: bit.ly —— For more videos from Pitchfork TV: bit.ly Like Pitchfork on Facebook: www.facebook.com Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: pitchfork.tumblr.com

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15 Responses to “Purity Ring – “Lofticries” (Official Music Video)”

  1. Jujutear91 says:

    If that’s your interpretation wouldn’t the fourth be conception.

  2. CalebStiv says:

    Just discovered this band along with SHVRS, and Grimes —— thnx siskarenO!!!

  3. when i saw the first scene with the girl i was like, NOPE

  4. schwarzbein says:

    ha, ha me, too. great stuff cheers siskareO

  5. why should people embrace death… its wierd

  6. mstarburst says:

    Marce maiwasham; its not weird its natural, inevitable intact. Embracing death for what it really is enables you to live:)

  7. I love when the truck goes by at 2:53. Not sure why.

  8. totally11267 says:

    Before I saw this video, I definitely sensed the disturbing tone to the song. We see the characters walking and behaving normally- just another person you’d pass on the street. But they experience something traumatizing and they behave as if it is the most normal thing in the world. I think it represents desensitization to trauma. They act as if these horrifying images are a part of life when the viewer knows they cause extreme suffering and damage. The people are simply soulless shells.

  9. MrNED310 says:

    Proper tune deserves so much more air time

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