Nirvana – Lithium [Live] [HD]

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8 Responses to “Nirvana – Lithium [Live] [HD]”

  1. your acting like you know him personally. your telling the dude what kind of things kurt would say, even tho you are not kurt, and you know what, kurt also hated fans that did that.
    nothing personal! :P

  2. I heart him so much! <3

  3. LostEnzeru says:

    116 people don’t have good wills.

  4. MyGreenday98 says:

    116 people come in crap

  5. zakoslash says:

    Thank god he is dead!

  6. GUstavo Lima says:

    raimundos kkkkk o guitarrista base

  7. ivangalo10 says:

    Pat Smear Rodolfo kkkkkkkkk

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