“Invisible” – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Megan Nicole

"Invisible" – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Megan Nicole

Please support me by getting this track! iTunes: bit.ly GooglePlay: bit.ly Bandcamp: (international downloads) : www.jasonchenmusic.bandcamp.com Get 10% off all shirts in my store by using Discount Code INVISIBLEJDC www.jasondchen.com *expires 11 Featuring the lovely, AWESOME Megan Nicole! www.youtube.com Directed by Ed Park: www.youtube.com Color by Derrick Kenson Lee www.youtube.com Stream all my songs for free on spotify! bit.ly CREDITS: Produced by: John Ho (twitter.com Written by: Lil Eddie, Jason Chen (twitter.com Executive Producer: Jason Chen Director: Ed Park DP: Dan Fisher Edited by Dan Fisher/Ed Park Produced by Don Le, Grace Shim 1st AD/Wardrobe: Dennis "Zerker" Chang Camera Op: Dan Fisher / Martin Gradek PAs: Angela Tan, Owen Scott, Charley Chong, Matt Yi Huge special thanks to Mayor Mitchell Ing for helping get locations in Monterey Park! LINKS: Twitter / Facebook / Google+! www.twitter.com www.facebook.com gplus.to Send me mail! =) PO Box 2113 Arcadia, CA 91077 Book me for an event: jasonchenbooking(at)gmail(dot)com LYRICS: Invisible: ever felt so close, and yet you're so far away ever went down the wrong, road well if i got to go back, there's only one way is if you're coming with me, I'm waiting for you I've been standing here with my arms out wide but you just keep on passing me by I can change your life forever, if you would just give me time Baby love is staring right at you but to you I'm invisible I can make your heart feel brand new do you even <b>…</b>

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13 Responses to ““Invisible” – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Megan Nicole”

  1. Phillip Kent says:

    The chemistry between them is great! It makes the video twice as touching!

  2. Its because this is society. Do you see any prospering asian artists on the radio stations? No. When I show Jason’s songs to my friends, they’re like “Wow, Asians can sing?” The society we live in is still racist in some sort of way.

  3. swirlsnstars says:

    When is “thank you” coming out? i really like the tune of the song :) 

  4. azanmint96 says:

    I hear you’re going to have a new song called “Time Machine” when is it going to come out?! i’m excited! XD

  5. 1:34 I’ve been sitting* here

  6. Karie Xue says:

    It already came out but, it’s about 2 minutes of a song :P it’s on his channel or you can just search up thank you by Jason Chen 

  7. i wish a guy would sing me this song

  8. Rod Nool says:

    Like if this is how you feel

  9. I think Megan Nicole , Tiffany Alvord and Jason Chen are good friends :) Thumbs up if you think so eather !

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