Miles Davis – the cool jazz sound (1959).avi

An archival vid of the historic performances of the great Miles Davis. If you like any of the music i post, feel free to use keepvid dot com to keep the vids. I encourage you to do so. Guys like Miles Davis should get the recognition thats due their way when Black History Month comes around. his rare video should be available to all those who want to see.

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2 Responses to “Miles Davis – the cool jazz sound (1959).avi”

  1. magajazzfan says:

    Divino!! Gênio! Imortal!! Perfeito!!
    I love you Davis!! Eu amo jazz dos anos 50
    Muito obrigada!!
    ℳѦḠÅ ℒ€€ Guarani Kaiowá =_ =

  2. timothymardy says:

    i was born 33 years later. whyyyyyy?

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