Sexy Smooth Jazz

Here's a sexy tune by smooth jazz artist J.Thompson.

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16 Responses to “Sexy Smooth Jazz”

  1. ALBINOjeww32 says:

    why did this guy below me copy the dude b4 him O.o

  2. Like a lesbian high school romantic encounter in a locker room, this smooth jazz is very respectable.

  3. MrRorschev says:

    damn girl, this song is drippin’

    also lesbians

  4. lol
    that was PERFECT

  5. keyshawn165 says:

    It makes me sleep dame good jazz

  6. This makes my vagina so wet.

  7. i wonder how many couples have fucked to this playing

  8. You only last 6 minutes?

  9. barkape says:

    6 minutes isnt even that bad. besides if ur good u can make ur girl cum in 30 sec

  10. I cumed in the first 10 sec ….Then my girl left me after that..

  11. agentg88 says:

    Well, to be fair, the song’s called “Real Quick Lovin”.

  12. check out my guitar profile im trying to play smooth

  13. donnpunani says:

    good weed, white wine this is when i come to life in the night time

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