Full Album/LP! Bossa Nova – New Brazilian Jazz – Lalo Schifrin – 1962 Audio Fidelity

Please watch in 480p mode or higher for High Quality Audio! Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a full listening session of this album, without the need to get up and flip the record! Now you can actually hear side two! This video was redone because I accidentally recorded side one twice!…

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5 Responses to “Full Album/LP! Bossa Nova – New Brazilian Jazz – Lalo Schifrin – 1962 Audio Fidelity”

  1. PJDooWop says:

    The AT 440MLa is a wonderful, wonderful cartridge. If your budget ever allows it I’d highly suggest grabbing an AT 150MLX. The sound is quite similar between the two cartridges. The AT 440MLa is nice because it add just a little bit of warm color to the music while the AT 150MLX is precise, as if you’re listening to the master tape. Both cartridges are excellent for certain applications.

  2. lucas07700 says:

    This makes me proud of being Brazilian.

  3. DeGroteLaaf says:

    O que e com vc cara, eu sou solamente um meia brasileiro de Europa e eu ja sei disso desde ser criança.
    Vc provavelmente ta com o barulho do desse tempe hein.
    Me sinto muito.

  4. tinita649 says:

    Esta muy lindo, espectacular melodia, gracias por compartirlo, super relajante!!  (Y)

  5. This guy didn’t read the date of the album xD.

    Well, I think this style may be kinda old, but good music never dies, right guys? ;)

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