Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Official Video)

Directed by Fleur&Manu, Produced by Division Faking Jazz Together: Forever Dolphin Love album: Due to huge demand, Phantasy and Because Music are repressing the 'Forever Dolphin Love' album, this time on limited edition purple vinyl. Also released on limited editon vinyl is 'Version 2' of the hugely popular Erol Alkan rework of 'Forever Dolphin Love'. Side B features a wonderfully Balearic 'Acid Mix' by Coyote of 'Unicorn In Uniform '. Previous pressings of the album and remix single have been changing hands online for well over £100 a copy. P & C 2012 Phantasy Sound under exclusive license to Because Music

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14 Responses to “Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Official Video)”

  1. Andres Feliz says:

    This video is fucking perfect. It deserves to have a zillion views.

  2. khaelorx says:

    This video is like: ‘Dude! i saw a stunning dream last night! There was…’

  3. sensationnellement planant….

  4. some Mary Poppins sheet going on right here

  5. dafuq is going on here…

  6. 3:10 is the best fucking part

  7. eh bah putain si c ca etre scoot!

  8. oblique, devious, slanting, sidelong, sideward, underhand, askew: very very interesting sound!

  9. so when does the repressed vinyl come out? i wanna get a copy

  10. This is very reminiscent of the wicker man style of occultish music

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