Beauty-Dru Hill with lyrics

Beauty is her name with lyrics

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16 Responses to “Beauty-Dru Hill with lyrics”

  1. qpd1272 says:

    I played the words off this CD when it first came out. Love it -3

  2. TisaGotGuap says:

    This is real R&B music compared to modern R&B. If they not talking about how they going to sex a girl then it’s not R&B.

  3. lamorenitafe says:

    Luv dis song! A special sum one dedicatd it to me. Muah!!!!

  4. love this song <3

  5. ChosenOne387 says:

    wooow this video was uploading on my birthday,..i feel special :) haha

  6. Loozianagurl says:

    This is when music was music….they just don’t make music like this anymore……

  7. Noel Morris says:

    walks by me every day. one of these days i will say “hello”

  8. want s his beauty is mine we will neva be apart…!!!…!!!!

  9. MegaBacon16 says:

    Black song with nothing but white pictures

  10. Ummm, sorry buttttt Dru Hill was NOT singing this to white women. ROFLLLLL. Smdh.

  11. monte joiner says:

    how do yu know all women are beautiful yu mf need to kill dat racist shyt my ppl went thru shyt so we can walk talk nd even love a person of another color dumb bitchies in dis world men nd women are bitchies theses days

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