Angels & Airwaves “Diary” Official Music Video

Angels & Airwaves "Diary" Official Music Video

Angels & Airwaves official music video for the track "Diary" from the new double – EP "Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal". On sale December 18th 2012 – taking pre-sale orders NOW! Exclusive digital & merch bundles available only at Directed by Mark Eaton

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11 Responses to “Angels & Airwaves “Diary” Official Music Video”

  1. ZeroReaper42 says:

    Walking up to heaven
    Come taking in the rain tonight
    Stretched across the long coast
    Falling back this last time
    Sleeping in a wallow
    Crying with a shiver
    Hunting for your sorrow
    Bending down to hold her
    Shiver like you’re gonna try
    Gathered by the serpent
    Killing off your heaven
    Take me as your servant
    Take me as your weapon
    Take me as your courage

    This isn’t right, but that’s how I hear it, but that’s what makes the song so good. It’s very interpretative.

  2. It’s definitely not ‘Stretch across the long coast’… It sounds more like ‘touching Christ the lone ghost’ to me

  3. i have different interpretations of it and still i don’t cling to anyone more than the other. there’s so much symbolism that if you don’t have the correct words you’ll be interpreting something other. either way music is beautiful because each person applies a song to their own life in their own way, and its pleasant to hear what everyone thinks because we are all right, with our own into

  4. *interpretations that is. but i believe ” breathe open out the inflow take in a ray of light stretch along the long coast”-its like you’re breathing in this light, and stretching across the long coast is like a sunset or rise. maybe like you are in a different state of being? “falling back this past time” thinking of a memory or reliving it. “seeking in tomorrow” looking for answers in the future, or forward to it.

  5. “hunting for your sorrow bending down to hold her she was like an ocean” looking for your sorrow because you find some kind of comfort in it. maybe the past time is this, speaking of a memory now. but holding on to that sorrow even though its too deep to hold, weighs you down by carrying it. “scatter like a serpant killing of your habit” running away from what you’ve done what your habit destroyed. shamed.

  6. alicia297 says:

    I find it very hard to explain what this song makes me feel, I just know that it touches me deep inside and takes me to a special and secret place. I hope AVA will stay around for a long time, I really need its music and its philosophy.
    No matter what people say, Tom is a genious.

  7. SitWano says:

    This song somehow reminds me of this girl I’ve fallen in love with… I used to see her almost everyday.. It’s holidays now and it almost brings me to my knees that I won’t be able to see her for another 2 months… This song makes me feel that she is worth everything that I can do for her…

  8. Robster358 says:

    Breathe, open up your heaven taking in the ray light. touching Christ the lone ghost. falling back on past time sneaking through the wallow crying with the children hunting for her sorrow the he vowed to hold her she was like an ocean scatters like a serpent killing off the bad men. take me as a servant. take me as your weapon. take me as your courage. take me as a servant. take me as your servant.

  9. lightdust420 says:

    Robert ur way off dude lol nice try ;)

  10. 0xXJONESYXx0 says:

    Looking up to heaven. Taking in the ray of light.
    Stretching across the long coast. Falling back to past time.
    Asleep in the wallow. Crying and shivering. Hunting for your sorrow.
    Bending down to hold it. Shiver like you’re gonna try. Scatters like it did
    Killing off your habit.
    Take me as your servant. Take me as your weapon. Take me as your courage.
    Take me as your servant. Take me as your servant.
    Take me as your servant.

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