DMX – Up in Here

Artist: DMX Song: Up in Here – Music video


Source: Up in Here – DMX (Youtube).

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12 Responses to “DMX – Up in Here”

  1. bmxking46 says:

    is he dissing eminem? cuz it sounds like it but i know their friends

  2. randymvp says:

    Sounds like he is dissing em …and if it was it was weak

  3. Halo3Thugz says:

    This song is atleast 6 years old, so idk if he dissin Em, awesome song tho!! DMX is great, but dem fags 50 Cent and Eminem can go eat a dick! Fuck New York Niggas! Fuck Detroit Niggas! L.A. Niggas keep it real!! and Boston Niggas keep it real!!

  4. putos negros hijos de su pinche madre , yo no se como se fusionaron los “chimps” con ellos…hahahaha son la misma shit nada mas que unos peludos y los otros pelones……jajajaaj pinches maricones negros hijos de perra! matenlos a todos!

  5. the black ” people ” the only words they know are the following: fuck , fuckin , dick , mada facka and bitch.

  6. the canadian seals do not deserve die in the way they are killed , but this “chimps” deserve electric chair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. thundertower says:

    ya’ll go make me act a fool scene always makes me lol, i love dmx

  8. Mike97323 says:

    badazz Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. rang4owns says:

    Love this old school shit!

  10. rasengan46 says:

    Good thing I played all that Assassin’s Creed

  11. KingRhaul says:

    hahaha otro pobre hijo de puta k seguro crecio aguantandole golpes a un negro y ahora viene a youtube a seguro un negro te hacia besarle la verga hahahahaha

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