Derek Minor – Get It (@thederekminor @reachrecords)

A taste of Derek Minor's upcoming album 'Dying To Live' in stores 8/23/11. ||

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19 Responses to “Derek Minor – Get It (@thederekminor @reachrecords)”


  2. 91jjc says:

    If i’m not mistakin I think that bald guy is the guy who invented the
    Misfit movement… i can be mistaken.

  3. Lycos Blood says:

    PRo – Get It (@mynameispro @reachrecords)

  4. let em’ know the truth lives

  5. Samuel Berhe says:

    Pro this Song & Beat is on point bro… God bless & keep them hits coming

  6. john wallace says:

    i remember this song, tight.!!!!!

  7. 2:14 What just happened to the beat, it totally CHANGED! And ALSO the black
    and white changed to Full Color 

  8. eve fletcher says:

    my fav part is when is like lary hover at the end

  9. first half-dope
    second half- doperrrrrrrr xD

  10. Where can I get Lecrae’s shirt?

  11. dmax g says:

    What jest happened 2:15 it got real

  12. Bryan L says:

    Derek Minor – Get It (@thederekminor @reachrecord…:

  13. Yinyues says:

    I want to say I wish this was mainstream but then I’m so happy it isn’t! :) 

  14. he rockin a detroit snapback

  15. actually in this song he goes by pro..

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