The Worst Battle Rap Hype Man Ever!

iBattle Worldwide Presents: Young Steady vs K-Kendle Watch full battle here: As seen on WSHH: Worst Hypeman In A Rap Battle! Follow Young Steady & the hype man JayLava

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11 Responses to “The Worst Battle Rap Hype Man Ever!”

  1. was that really real? lol

  2. rick550 says:

    0:38 Are you serious right now?

  3. siwooot says:

    there’s been battle leagues long before flip top

  4. my thanks to who ever decided to cut the actual rap out.

  5. KingZTrikX says:

    reminds me of a Mad Tv cast

  6. GetOutCS says:

    Only I realised that some parts of vid are reversed? o.0

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  8. 0420mc says:

    Where u get dat blk and blue bulls snap back

  9. B. Ink says:

    Hahaahahaaaagaaaaa he sounds like the kids getting murdered in the newtown shooting lmaaooooo

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