Royalty Free HipHop – Revatic – I’m Ready ft. Trillbill

Royalty Free HipHop – Revatic – I'm Ready ft. Trillbill

Tonight we have a great hiphop track over an electronic beat from Revatic & Trillbill. This song would make for an awesome gameplay backdrop and like all music we promote has been released by the artist royalty free. Don't forget that like with all our promoted tracks you must give credit to the artist if you reuse this song in your videos! ♫ Support the Artist! [Revatic] Soundcloud: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: ♫ Free Download! Artists Link – Get the Video! – FreebieFM Link – ♫ Check out our partner channel! ツ Like us on Facebook? ツ Follow us on Twitter? All of our music promoted is royalty free and has been put here with complete expressed permission from the artist. Sample: Anyone may reuse this music in your commercial (for profit) videos without issue, provided you give attribution/credit to the artist. We also would love if you linked back to us, but it is not required to do so. … ♫ FreebieFM ♫ …

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4 Responses to “Royalty Free HipHop – Revatic – I’m Ready ft. Trillbill”

  1. You should make different channels for different genres

  2. FreebieFM says:

    Thanks for the reply!
    It’s actually kinda funny – we just finalized our plans for doing just this! We have separated all genres into “shows” which can be individually subscribed to.
    We are waiting on YouTube to approve this and according to our partnership network it should be approved shortly, it’s already been created we are just playing the waiting game now!

  3. MrRevatic says:

    I definitely agree on the separate channels! If you’re into Dubstep, Trance and Ambient you should definitely check out some of the rest of my tracks available for free on my channel! Thanks for listening and big thanks to FreebieFM!

  4. FreebieFM says:

    If you now go to our main channel, you are able to subscribe to separate genres now.
    Thank-you for the feedback!

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