Justin Bieber vs Beethoven -Epic Rap Battles of History #6

Click to Tweet this Video: clicktotweet.com New ERB merch: bit.ly Download this song: bit.ly Subscribe to Alex Farnham!! (Justin Bieber) www.youtube.com Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. I couldn't make these without you, and without the help of many wonderful and talented people. Special thanks to Ceciley Jenkins and her incredible makeup skills: www.youtube.com Production Coordinator: Aaron Zaragoza PA: Amy Brown Audio Engineer: Dante Cimadamore Awesome old broken piano provided by: Collins Piano Service, Santa Monica, CA www.CollinsPianoService.com Custom Beat Produced by Taylor Lipari http tweet him say hi: twitter.com I hang out here: www.youtube.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com This rap was recorded using a Shure Sm7 microphone, Logic, and Protools. see you soon, -nice peter

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15 Responses to “Justin Bieber vs Beethoven -Epic Rap Battles of History #6”

  1. I think JB even not qualified ….

  2. rantsweekly says:

    just because someone likes justin bieber, that gives you no right to tell them to kill themselves

  3. You, also kill yourself.

  4. JB looks like Ian from smosh btw Beethoven won

  5. beethoven got epic at 1:02

  6. yeah. math is a creepy 64 year old man with a blow up doll.

  7. Beethoven won purely for the sexy coat-flick pose he performs at 0.55 :)

  8. Check out the Beat me up Boom Boom

  9. Ela Mazan says:

    lady gaga vs kelly kelly

  10. man get your brain tested i think u got mxed up(to matheuzzzbade)

  11. lilsara630 says:

    Whoever thought Bieber won you need to have a reality check.

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