Daleri – En Route (Official Music Video)

Download this track on iTunes: bit.ly Listen on Spotify: bit.ly Download on Beatport: bit.ly Check this track on Armadamusic.com: bit.ly Follow us: www.facebook.com www.facebook.com www.armadamusic.com http armadamusic.com Funky rhythms and bulky beats are served, as the Daleri duo returns for a second round on Trice Recordings! Following their 'Touché' debut, they bring us 'En Route'. And you bet, this one's en route to the dance floor. Swedish producers Eric Kvarnström and Robert Kanat have put themselves on the map. Their Daleri project makes a perfect fit to the sound of the brand new Trice Recordings label, and with their new tune rocking as hard as their 'Touché', it's clear that they've got a promising future ahead. Enjoy the playful tune of 'En Route', as it takes you on a journey past melodic, funky and feel-good house! Bookings@daleri.com

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19 Responses to “Daleri – En Route (Official Music Video)”

  1. SolidGamer92 says:

    Hell to the yeah! <3

  2. Zakke A says:

    Älskar att det står “KUK” på väggen ;) 

  3. MrMasstyle says:

    Awesome dubstep/drum n’ bass!

  4. chk96 says:

    1:48 står det Kuk på garage porten

  5. What is complextro if this is Electro-House?

  6. dzgnned says:

    @chk96 hvorfor kommenterer du på norsk?

  7. 34lbs says:

    This is complextro, it refers to more recent productions of electro-house that utillize more agressive and COMPLEX basslines, emerging from the new production techniques enabled with new technology, e.g. FM Synthesis, LFO Modulation, etc. It’s kind of a useless term considering most electro-house nowadays is complextro….

  8. 34lbs says:

    Dude what the hell are you talking about, this is jazz you fucking noob.

  9. This song is fucking amazing.

  10. TheJocke1995 says:

    no shit sherlock.

  11. TheJocke1995 says:

    Porter Robinson is Complextro Sami :p

  12. does anyone know what is the song on begining the video?0:00 till 0:7

  13. alikondie says:

    Letting You Go ( Greece 2000 ) Three Drives ;)

  14. Name of the intro please!

  15. JoErUtO Mx says:

    Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco - Saturn

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