“AutoTune” – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Bubzbeauty

"AutoTune" – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Bubzbeauty

Please support me by getting this track on iTunes! iTunes: bit.ly GooglePlay: bit.ly For international downloads, or if you want to donate toward my next project get this track on bandcamp! www.jasonchenmusic.bandcamp.com Official Sponsor YesStyle www.yesstyle.com Get 10% off all shirts in my store by using Discount Code AUTOTUNEJDC www.jasondchen.com *expires 9 Check out the chinese version here! (coming soon) Featuring the lovely, AWESOME Lindy! www.youtube.com Directed by Ed Park: www.youtube.com CAMEOS: Joseph Vincent www.youtube.com David So: www.youtube.com JustKiddingFilms: www.youtube.com Paul Kim: www.youtube.com KTown Reality Show: www.youtube.com THANK YOU to all the supporters who came out to be part of the flashmob!! You guys are amazing!! Will be posting up all the BTS pictures on my Facebook ASAP! www.facebook.com Check out bloopers and behind the scenes! BTS: youtu.be CREDITS: Produced by: Smash Hitta and The Shimpsons Written by: Jason Chen, Adien Lewis Executive Producer: Jason Chen Director/Editor: Ed Park Sponsored by YesStyle Produced by Don Le, Grace Shim 1st AD/Wardrobe: Dennis "Zerker" Chang Camera Op: Dan Fisher / Martin Gradek Dance Choreography: Justine Hsu, Jeniffer Hsu from Evoke Dance Company (www.facebook.com Dancers: Yoshi Wright, Josh, JT, Jasmine Sfx/Background Karaoke: Derrick Kenson Lee Gaffer: David Keton Makeup: Tina Ong BTS: Paolo Ongkeko BTS Photo: Steven Lam PAs: Angela Tan, Owen Scott, Charley Chong, Matt Yi Locations: Moo Dae Po <b>…</b>

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14 Responses to ““AutoTune” – (Official Music Video) Jason Chen ft. Bubzbeauty”

  1. katkat3able says:

    The guy in the plaid in the beginning cracks me up xD <3 Love BUBZ!!!


  3. Martin Chen says:

    Asian Asian everywhere…..

  4. saywow66 says:

    the video is already awesome with jason in it !!

  5. KA HO CHOI says:

    He looks like anerd

  6. Anyone else notice how much the backup dancers where laughing toward the end and just totally screwing up.

  7. loopper9 says:


  8. sn299 says:

    who else didn’t get the storyline of this video

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