SD – Rob Da Hood | Shot By @AZaeProduction

SD – Rob Da Hood Directed By Zae™ Produced By @1JParker

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8 Responses to “SD – Rob Da Hood | Shot By @AZaeProduction”

  1. reonswag says:

    Oblock is not a gang and 3hunna is not a gang 3hunna stands for the block 64th n normal it says 300 east and lamron and normal are da same

  2. movie919 says:

    Sd, stay going in…no dicc riden

  3. jknockout29 says:

    @reonswag nigga where the fuck is u from fam? Cause u definitely ain’t from the Chi. Normal aka “Lamron” is not 300 east, Lmao. Normal is west of state street, by Halsted, Union, Lowe, etc etc…every block in that direction is west. And 300 IS BD…always has been and always will be

  4. weezyfan20 says:

    is this chief keef brother?

  5. 3HUNNABOY says:

    well i know GBE niggaz n a gang

  6. yungtrill81 says:

    Lol yes SD is chief keef brother

  7. 3HUNNABOY says:

    No they not they right hands Yung Chop & Chief Keef Brothers?

  8. GinGeeK says:

    lamron is a bd hood tho …so it is

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