Official) Prepix Hiphop Choreo With Yoseop (of B2ST)

Date: 2012 June Choreographer : Prepix Haw Music: Craig David – What's your Flava Members: Haw,iLL and Yoseop (B2ST) Yoseop is main vocal on B2ST But I found his hidden talents!

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5 Responses to “Official) Prepix Hiphop Choreo With Yoseop (of B2ST)”

  1. YOSEOB IS MA BIAS.!!! AHH… YOSEOBIE.!!! ILY.!!! ^.^ luvyoseob4eva<3 ~Dayna(:

  2. 0:49 I caught your grin Yoseob! XD . He’s very talented.

  3. pong pang says:

    I really liked his trying always. I loving YoSeobie… <3<3..

  4. HEY GUYS !!! PLEASE LOOK INTO MY FRIENDS CHANEL… DANCERS FROM SWITZERLAND….. Search : Deluxe Dancers fist up -……. !!!!!

  5. d5d says:

    not true, if u watch and notice, he has a natural inner rhythm.
    watch b2st in weekly idol, yoseob’s the 1st to realize where and actually leads them.
    personally i think he’s just as good as kikwang/hyunseung or if not better.
    also i think he prefer to focus more on his vocals than dance

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