Some Nights – Fun – Official YouTuber Music Video – Jake Coco & Friends – on iTunes

Some Nights – Fun – Official YouTuber Music Video – Jake Coco & Friends – on iTunes

Download this song here: My Music on iTunes: Hello Friends! I frequently see comments on YouTube about getting everyone together for a gigantic collab, so I wanted to see if we could actually make it happen, and we did! I want to say thank you so much to all of my fellow YouTubers for getting together with me and making this video happen. We had such a great time working together and I hope to do many more, even bigger collabs in the future :) Make sure you subscribe to everyone's channel, and share this video in as many ways as you can to spread the YouTube musician love. Love you guys, Jake FREE MP3 ! Please click here : Credits: Produced by Jake Coco and WG Snuffy Walden Recorded at taylor made studios – Subscribe to everyones channels below! Jake Coco: Corey Gray: Caitlin Hart: Madilyn Bailey: Savannah Outen: Jess Moskaluke: Sara Niemietz: Eppic: Black Prez: —-Links—- Jake Coco Facebook: Twitter: Website: Instagram @JakeCoco

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16 Responses to “Some Nights – Fun – Official YouTuber Music Video – Jake Coco & Friends – on iTunes”

  1. GrovUable says:

    3:24 a little to much auto-tune .. but still a nice voice ! And a verry nice video ! :)

  2. zzenigmaxzz says:

    Sara Niemietz, there are links to each persons youtube profile in the description

  3. Dragoniteon says:

    Why does this song remind me of Africa and savannah? LOL

  4. Cole F says:

    watch the original before you try to bullshit amazing videos like this.

  5. Qensho says:

    It’s great to see that Jake & his amazing friends finally get the attention they deserve. :)

  6. jwreeves5573 says:

    they already did, Cole f

  7. Courtie1616 says:

    If you wear earphones and turn it up loud at 2:35 you’ll get the chills x3

  8. i totally did… wow

  9. Courtie1616 says:

    I realy wish Madilyn would make a little bit of facial expression though /: that would make her perfect

  10. sabrito94 says:

    2:57 she legit made me cry :’)

  11. 760fashow says:

    Loved it until the auto tune

  12. Jake Brown says:

    This sucks! Their voices sound like robots, AUTO TUNE is used by people who can’t sing :) The blonde girl doesn’t sing well, they don’t know how to sing in playback and their mouth are weird :s Get a life.

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