Subscribe to Smosh Games! bit.ly Ever wonder if the Smosh Games crew could rap? Well here ya go! We are playing Def Jam Rap Star and the losers will have to do a freestyle rap battle The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday! The price for failure? Humiliation! Play with us! Subscribe: bit.ly Like us on Facebook: facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com You can follow our crew on twitter as well @smoshian @smoshanthony @atomicmari @thejovenshire @lasercorn @sohinki

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10 Responses to “EPIC SMOSH RAP BATTLE (Smosh Game Bang)”

  1. ironbrawl says:

    What does that little girl say 6:20. Good dong fire works for me?

  2. Demon2wind2 says:

    white guys cant rap. and black guys cant make music, not racist, just fact :3

  3. Jake Nelson says:

    “WHY ARE YOU SINGLE” lol best thing ever!

  4. Darksaint98 says:

    And she is smarter than joetorrez5 will ever be :) 

  5. The level of respect I have for so kinky has skyrocketed

  6. this is the best series

  7. hajara sandu says:

    Ultimate alliance would be be fantastic

  8. Play this again just do different songs and a different ending.

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