Chief Keef x Lil Reese x Fredo Santana WGCI Top 9 @ 9 Interview

Shot By A Zae Production Chief Keef x Lil Reese x Fredo Santana WGCI Top 9 @ 9

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13 Responses to “Chief Keef x Lil Reese x Fredo Santana WGCI Top 9 @ 9 Interview”

  1. stipstap1983 says:

    Yeah these young cats don’t seem to know the essence of that real ol’ school. The 80′s & 90′s ishh where it all started. Still find it shocking that these dudes are blowing up. The one thing they have going for them is an amazing producer tho. The Young Chop kid that does their beats has mad talent & I can see him producing for more established artists in the near future.

  2. ExileFox12 says:

    That nigga Fredo stole his skittles.

  3. lildion94 says:

    Damn every time I see LIL reese I remember when he beat the shit out of that girl

  4. Take lil reese outa GBE.

  5. Chief keef voice is dirty boy

  6. MrSaibot420 says:

    Im 18 n i jam chief keef the whole gbe, these niggas wasnt shotting guns in the 90s n 80s like 2pac biggie cuz they were in dipers, its ben 20 years now let US young niggas talk about the hood now…..

  7. AyJayG002 says:

    Lmao, fredo robbed this niggas skittles

  8. AyJayG002 says:

    Funny how old school to them is No Limit n 50 cent

  9. 95apt says:

    lol fredo and his skittles

  10. Kenny Gwopo says:

    Fredo snagged his Shit.. Lmao.

  11. why is lil durk like never around

  12. this trhe first time i heard a chief keef interview wheres talking and joking…..go watch the the breakfast club interview…nigga is mute

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