R. Kelly – Slow Wind

Music Video: R. Kelly – Slow Wind

Music video by R. Kelly performing Slow Wind. (C) 2005 Zomba Recording, LLC

Source: R. Kelly – Slow Wind (Youtube).

R. Kelly – Slow Wind Photo

R. Kelly - Slow Wind

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11 Responses to “R. Kelly – Slow Wind”

  1. Josef9698 says:

    dark skinned girls are sexy to……..

  2. Anlimema says:

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  3. Fuxxwitdawiz says:

    wen diz song came out wen i was yung i wish i wouldve sung it i would got my lips cracked right open

  4. Jxzor says:

    You can’t pin that shit on R Kelly you stupid fuck, I laugh when I see people like you trying to single out someone, everyone is responsible for what you’re complaining about.

  5. love this song…..mhy shii

  6. rinn3babi3 says:

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  7. Jhanelleable says:

    umm for your information you unintelligent, uncouth bastard it’s called text typing which is short handed…. you’re irrelevant and illiterate and you need to get a life so… excuse your unwanted presence

  8. JAYMONEY452 says:

    fuck you bitch , you probably ugly as hell 

  9. Jhanelleable says:

    still beddur looking than u :P … u need to sit Ur ass down and read a book… try to gain some knowledge.. it would do u well… if you were smart… stupid comebacks like this wouldn’t appear.. you just trying to look all cool and stuff but it aint working for you… your pathetic.. bu-bye

  10. luis pedraza says:

    thts my song i love it

  11. luis pedraza says:

    all ya people talk shit on dis let dem do ther thing there the one who is fam ur not so leave it alone jamaica girls aint cute for shit ya skin look like isf someone took a big shit on ya the day ya was born try purto ricien females nasty hoes

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