Studio C – Dubstep DJ

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6 Responses to “Studio C – Dubstep DJ”

  1. Aw come on, Matt! That would have been great!
    “I CAN I LIKE A-
    *boat noises*”

  2. I just really want the end credits song! I don’t know how to get it and I
    just desire the music. It seals the splendicity of the awesomeronic video
    and then, BOOM…popularastic musicallarity! I love it

  3. I would totally download this song. Then I would get strange looks when I
    started dancing to it like Mallory.

  4. bubble2blow says:

    the song was actually awesome

  5. I actually REALLY love the song. And I am with Alexander Adasme, I was
    actually watching this video because I was searching for the new Studio c
    song that is really bouncy and techno ish.

  6. emmie90 says:

    I want this song.

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