The Soviet Quest for Shambhala

You've heard of MKULTRA in the US, Soviet psychotronics and so on, but the USSR had another program that might surprise you: For several years they searched …

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13 Responses to “The Soviet Quest for Shambhala”

  1. repivonex says:

    Reminds me of how the Nazi went for expedition looking for the entrance to
    the hollow earth.

  2. Zhaffy says:

    I just want that eternal life they’re talking about

  3. Uncharted 2, anyone???

  4. Hox says:

    I’ve asked this before, but do you guys plan on having a forum on your
    site? Would be pretty cool to connect with other fans and talk about

  5. You should do more on Roerich, this isn’t the only strange story he’s
    involved in.

  6. t4705mb6 says:

    If the Russians (or anyone else) want to find “Shambhala”, they should look
    into satellite to Earth technologies.

    They’d be absolutely AMAZED at how far science has come. They can not only
    read a license plate from space but see through the depths of the oceans
    and detect the forms of ancient cities and highways under the Sahara desert.

    Just sayin’.

  7. Bearadox says:

    Damn guys, this was a good one!

  8. PeopleGB says:

    I think this city is nothing more than a glamorous state.

    Think about it, in 5.000 years people might try to find the ancient region
    once known as Hollywood, where people don’t age (botox and plastic surgery
    A land with tons of diamonds (bling bling)
    It was known under several names “La La Land,” “Tinseltown” “Los Angeles”
    and so on, the stories are always almost the same…

    Ring a bell??

    I don’t think it’s literally that noone there ages and it’s more like a
    Look at Egypt, they, even men, used tons of make-up to preserve their looks
    and didn’t stop when it came to preserving the dead.

  9. kananga309 says:

    Great Video you two, instantly liking each video from now on.

  10. 0:37 lol so thats where Treyarch got its info for the zombies storyline

  11. Ldead11 says:

    Shambhala sounds like christian heaven to me.King= god descending to fight
    off evil.

  12. Hey y’all, thanks to evolution Hitler caused the death of many, and wished
    you death too. Thanks to this fantasy. 

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