Hip Hop Instrumental “Violent Boy” (prod. by ShameFace) HQ

Hip Hop Instrumental "Violent Boy" (prod. by ShameFace) HQ

Somethin i made earlier today..COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE!! DL LINK!! VV Thank you everybody for the feedback! Here's the DL Link!! http://www.mediafire.com/?w327i4j…

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9 Responses to “Hip Hop Instrumental “Violent Boy” (prod. by ShameFace) HQ”

  1. Emericoste says:

    where can I find that pic ?

  2. hyuganejj says:

    Im feelin’ dis beat can i use it

  3. Marcus B says:

    Great beat. Murdered it in my spare time. Kudos to the producer.

  4. 168crew says:

    c de la merde a chier

  5. 168crew says:

    mais j’ame bien quand meme bande de trou duc

  6. ClatterKings says:

    The murderous rages, puttin’ kids in animal cages, given citations for unexpected reasons. Broken down laws and misplaced treasons, the many reasons that keep these babies screamen im dreamin of a better place but I broke my brains just trying to cite what the system say. Smoken sais broken heart open minimum wage side kick to the face like johnny cage out of a psychotic rage the script was written missed them so I flipped the page out of this suspicious play that I have become a victim crazed.

  7. janene peck says:

    hard instrumental was wondering if you would sample this and make a new one exclusive that i could use if so hit up my e-mail jordan-@live.co.uk

  8. i am impressed by this and i asked permission to used ….really love it

  9. LSDTrueMusic says:

    Check my Freeverse to this!!! its fire, thumbs up if your feeling it! LSDTrueMusic

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